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What we do

We contribute to your Expansion.

Would you like to Know the German Retail Market? We can help you. We bring vital, strategics and focused Informations to your analyse and decision. Trough Research, Data's, statistics and another reelevates Information we present you the Adherence Report, which it is rich in strategic Informations not only information in Loco but also through statistics and market datas.

Analysis and Research

...analyze your Information and realize a Research in Loco and through of Statistic.

Organizing and Review

...after that we organize the information and Review the Data´s.

Adherence Report

...we present you the Adherence Report, but what contain the Adherence Report?

Data´s in Loco

...bring you Data´s of Shelfies inside the main German Retailers.

Statistics you the relevantes and strategics Infomations based on renowned Sources.


...overview about German Retail Market and Retailers focused on your Sector.
Our Principles

We work with six pilars, which represent our behavior to our Client as well as to the Market.

The Consultant

a executive more about 20 years experience in Retail focused on Business, Commercial, Customer, Operations, Costs, Information, Efficiency and Effectiveness Results and Revenue Organizational Growth, Liquidity, Profitability, Competitiveness, Share and Organization of Culture in the Short, Medium and Long-term, which he can dispose the followings characteristics: Entrepreneur, Strategic, Innovative, seeking the best efficiency of Managements and staff through Leadership, Vision, Planning, Development, Controls and Continuous Improvement.